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Engaging, real-world, relevant training created by experts to help you minimize cyber risk in your business.

Enterprise Training
Enterprise Training

Are you looking for a better way to raise security standards in your enterprise?

Accessible, engaging training is the solution.


We offer eLearning courses in application security, operation security, and compliance.


We also offer a parallel training track for non-technical learners so you gain security awareness throughout your organization.


Discover what we offer, how it works, and the benefits for your business below.


On-demand, consistent, cost-effective: Security Compass Enterprise Training

Enterprise Training


Learn at your own pace.


Our courses are on-demand, so your team can access them at any time.


Whether you’re doing a full program, or diving into a specific subject, course information is always at hand and accessible.

Enterprise Training


Address vulnerabilities consistently and effectively integrate best practice into your coding and testing techniques and processes by standardizing and targeting training for each role.
Enterprise Training


Increase the core secure software development competencies of your team so you avoid fixing the same vulnerabilities over and over again.


Our eLearning system delivers high-impact, tailored training for every individual.


What makes our training different?

Enterprise Training

Security Expertise

Your team benefits from our research, knowledge, and expertise.


At Security Compass, we develop and deploy cybersecurity solutions around the globe.

We are experts in our field who focus on helping organizations to develop the right cybersecurity expertise quickly.


From threat modeling to secure development to compliance, the SD Elements platform proactively automates your software security processes, before your team writes a single line of code.

Enterprise Training

Industry Recognition

Your training will be recognized by your industry.


We developed our Software Security Practitioner (SSP) Suite with the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)².


Our SSP role-based, tailored training paths allow learners to be certified by both (ISC)² and Security Compass. Learners can share their accreditations earned through social media badges.

Enterprise Training

Flexible and Engaging

Learn at your own pace, always. Our eLearning solution is adaptable, engaging, and available in bite-sized, 10-minute units.


If you’re well-versed in your subject, you can jump straight to the quiz. If you want more time to integrate the new information, you can repeat sections as desired.

Enterprise Training

Up-to-date Content

Ensure your teams have the most up-to-date understanding of how to defend against new threats.


We refresh existing courses, adding new units as new security developments emerge, so your team can mitigate and minimize risks as they evolve.

Enterprise Training

Hands-on Learning

Deepen your understanding of common security risks by diving into real-world exploit scenarios.


Based on the OWASP Top Ten, our Virtual Lab complements our courses with hands-on application in real world scenarios.

Discover our Enterprise Training Solutions

Full Library Suite

Access dozens of eLearning courses, covering every role in software development and deployment. From application security to operation security to compliance, our Full Library Suite offers real-world expertise on a full range of topics. Our library is optimized for any business looking to increase its own cybersecurity knowledge and take action to reduce risk. With full access, your team can take required courses for their roles, as well as boost their knowledge in related areas. Learn More
Enterprise Training

Software Security Practitioner Suites

Take specialized eLearning courses and earn certificates for different roles with our SSP Suites. From software developers to software architects, QA engineers, and project managers, our SSP training suites target your specific needs. Learn More
Enterprise Training

Just-in-Time Training — Integrated into SD Elements

Maximize your DevOps team’s valuable time and increase their knowledge retention. While using SD Elements, you can access training that is directly related to the task you are working on. With Just-in-Time Training, we deliver knowledge, guidance, and support exactly where your team needs it, through SD Elements. Learn More
Enterprise Training

Training Implementation Services

If you’re looking for support with implementing these courses, we are on hand to help. Our expert team helps you:
  • Develop learning tracks based on your team members’ roles
  • Design communication plans to ensure adoption and completion
  • Develop and manage your eLearning deployment plan and measure your success
Learn More
Enterprise Training

Looking for effective cybersecurity training? You’re in the right place.

Purchase our Full Library Suite for your entire enterprise or purchase individual courses as you need them, according to your interests and requirements.