Webinar | AI on Secure Software Development


Generative AI and Secure Software Development

About the Event

We recently commissioned Golfdale Consulting  to perform a primary research survey on the topic of Generative AI and Secure Software Development.


We are offering exclusive, early access to the findings to a limited number of CISOs/CPSOs before wider distribution.


Following the presentation of the results, we will facilitate a roundtable discussion on the impacts of Generative AI on Secure Software Development. We will be hosting a closed-door, CISO/CPSO only webinar on August 22nd at 12 pm (EST) for 90 minutes

Some key points of coverage

  • Concerns with Cybersecurity risks posed by AI
  • Expected impact of AI on software development processes
  • AI policy and governance

About the Survey

The survey was conducted online in the US, UK and Canada with 200 respondents from companies of $250M+ (up to large enterprises $10B+) in revenue and at least 500+ FTE (to 5,000+) in their software engineering teams.


Webinar | AI on Secure Software Development

Trevor Young

CPO at Security Compass

Webinar | AI on Secure Software Development

Bruce Warren

CMO at Security Compass

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Date: Tuesday, August 22nd

Time: 12 pm EST

Duration: 90 minutes

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