FY23_Webinar Series_Part 3

Webinar Series:

Building Secure Software By Design

Part 3

Breaking Down the 2023 National Cyber Strategy: What It Means For You

Our Experts

FY23_Webinar Series_Part 3

Jay Ryan

U.S. Federal Government Program Manager

FY23_Webinar Series_Part 3

Joseph Rowe

U.S. Federal Government Solution Engineer

FY23_Webinar Series_Part 3

Erik Service

Account Manager, Public Sector


Obtain ATO Faster and Deliver Secure Software at Scale

We’ll help you achieve ATO – in weeks, not months. SD Elements, our secure coding platform, automates the identification, tracking, dissemination, and management of controls that map to the U.S. federal government.


While our role-based, ISC2 certified training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills they need to secure applications.


Get in touch to arrange a demo and discover how our solutions can help you build secure software by design.