Is Your DDoS Mitigation Battle Tested?

The rising wave of DDoS attacks over the past twelve months have impacted many financial service organizations, in some cases costing them service downtime, productivity, brand reputation, falling stock prices, and more. You wouldn’t go to a boxing match without first sparring, so why risk everything implementing and trusting security solutions without thorough and ongoing testing specific to this imposing threat?

The Ondemand Webinar will teach you:

  • How to battle test your DDoS Mitigation
  • How to recon your public-facing infrastructure and shortlist parameters for DDoS attacks
  • Ways to categorize different kinds of DDoS attacks
  • How and when to plan testing to minimize impact on users
  • Who to inform — part of your infrastructure may be hosted on 3rd parties
  • Who to contact when you’re being hit by DDoS
  • The infrastructure required for full scale DDoS testing

For more information about DDoS testing contact Security Compass.