SD Elements V4 – Raising the bar for Application Security in Software Development

SD Elements V4 – Raising the bar for Application Security in Software Development

Newly-Architected SD Elements 4 Delivers Tiered Offerings, Integrated Training and Greater Usability and Performance.

Savvy security professionals know that security must be addressed from the onset of application development to ensure applications are protected against the onslaught of common vulnerabilities and exposures. Today, we announced the release of SD Elements 4, designed to provide security and development teams of all sizes access to the industry’s most comprehensive and constantly updated security content available.

The newly architected platform includes:

  • Enterprise, Professional and Express Product Tiers. SD Elements 4 is available in three different versions suitable for a wide variety of development teams, while offering new enterprise-level integration and customization capabilities. The innovative and pioneering technology allows organizations of any size to get serious about managing security requirements throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Advanced Integrated Training. In-depth, task-relevant training modules are delivered to developers via SD Elements 4, allowing them to learn as they go to gain a deep understanding of vulnerabilities and preventative measures. Progress is tracked per user via an integrated, lightweight learning management system.
  • New Architecture and Improved, Easy-to-Use Interface

SD Elements 4 features a new user interface that is both beautiful and functional, making it much easier and faster to navigate through projects and security content. A new plug-in framework has been developed to enable deep enterprise customization. The SD Elements APIv2 offers extensive communication capabilities with the SD Elements back-end, enabling custom remote use cases.

Benefits of SD Elements

Security requirements management from the onset of the development lifecycle — save time and money by managing security requirements throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle: from planning to modeling to design, to development and testing, through to the final release

Support for virtually all development platforms/languages and virtually all development environments/tools — from Java to Django, SD Elements uses a framework that supports all languages universally. Although many security requirements are language-agnostic, code snippets are provided in a multitude of languages, and new code samples in other languages can easily be added via customization.

Most extensive Application Security content database available — covers multiple industry standards, regulations, and compliance specifications such as PCI-DSS, NIST 800–53, HIPAA, COPPA, ISO 27001, OWASP Top 10, and SANS Top 25, to name a few. The database also features new content focused on securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

The official announcement was posted on Marketwired on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 9am ET.

For more information on SD Elements, click here.

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