The Second Annual Equilibrium Conference Focused on Product Security

The Second Annual Equilibrium Conference Focused on Product Security

Security Compass, developer of the automated threat modeling solution, SD Elements, is proud to host Equilibrium ‘22 following the success of the 2021 inaugural event.

Equilibrium Conference is tailor-made for security, risk and technology professionals, and software developers. The one-day, fully virtual event will take place on April 21, 2022. It is free and open to the DevSecOps community.

The conference will feature keynote speakers, panels, training sessions, customer testimonials, and networking sessions. With these offerings, attendees can expect to:

  • Discover breakthrough approaches to product security.
  • Learn how to achieve true DevSecOps integration by empowering appropriate teams to drive security.
  • Gain practical takeaways to build and strengthen the product security fabric.
  • Learn to tie key security functions into the critical phases of the Secure Product Life Cycle.

Join us to meet your peers, industry leaders, and members of the wider DevSecOps community. There will be opportunities for virtual coffee chats; to speak directly with other attendees and join panel discussions.

In addition to the main conference, there will be an invite-only CPSO Summit taking place on April 20, 2022. This Chatham House Rule event will be specifically for CPSOs and heads of product security to meet and participate in speaking sessions, roundtables, and panel discussions.

To learn more about Equilibrium Product Security Conference, visit the Security Compass website for on-demand conference recordings from Equilibrium 2021.

Join Security Compass on April 21, 2022, to connect with like-minded individuals and uncover what it takes to build a strong product security fabric that enables trustable and secure products for today and tomorrow.

About Security Compass
Security Compass, a pioneer in application security, enables organizations to shift left and build secure applications by design, integrated directly with existing DevSecOps tools and workflows. Its flagship product, SD Elements, helps organizations accelerate software time to market and reduce cyber risks by taking an automated, developer-centric approach to threat modeling, secure development, and compliance. Security Compass is the trusted solution provider to leading financial and technology organizations, the U.S. Department of Defense, government agencies, and renowned global brands across multiple industries. For more information, please visit