Can't get teams to prioritize application security?

We’ve curated a number of resources to demonstrate how AppSec training can help improve knowledge and skills for secure development, simplify complex regulations, and boost security programs.

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Understand  challenges developers face 

75% have to look up security-related topics regularly. Teams spend on average 2.5 days annually on application security learning.

Secure your SDLC with these AppSec training tips

5 security experts from Reddit, Royal Bank of Canada, Tricentis & Western Digital share their experience. 

Alleviate the burden on security teams

Listen to Pranshu Bajpai, Security Architect at Motorola Solutions, explain how security teams can use AppSec training to influence developers without getting in their way.

Build a competitive advantage with accreditation

Accredited developers demonstrate a commitment to secure development. This can provide organizations with a competitive advantage with customers concerned with supply chain security.

Discover how CARIAD achieved 100% adoption of their training program

Read how Cariad, Inc. armed developers with security knowledge to build and ship secure solutions for Volkswagen Automobile Group.  

Overcome common blockers to effective training

Learn  how to work through  common blockers and the importance of balancing people, processes, and technologies.  

First thing first, why do we know so much?

Research is critical to our mission at Security Compass. We actively engage and foster debate both inside and outside the security community to discuss critical issues that either face us today or will soon emerge. 

Encourage teams to embed security from the start with AppSec training

“Embedded, interactive learning coupled with cyber certifications makes the job easier for professionals directly involved in application development. Further, it helps those certified help others, and contributes to the credibility of the brands they represent."

Rohit Sethi, CEO, Security Compass  

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