Cloud adoption is still a big focus for many firms in 2021

For most businesses, cloud adoption and the development of cloud-based technologies is still a major priority for this year and beyond, according to a new report from Security Compass.

The company recently polled 150 employees directly involved in the development of cloud-based solutions and found that deployment is top of the agenda for 83 percent. What’s more, half of all software applications being developed are cloud-based, while another 30 percent are expected to migrate to the cloud within the next two years.

They see cloud-based apps as a great enabler of the remote workforce, a major catalyst to bringing tech to market and a solid agility booster. Cutting costs was a “distant fourth” benefit, the report stated.

Security teams are able to provide value to cloud adoption through improved time to market and secure cloud service configuration.

That being said, cloud-based software development is not without its challenges. Meeting security requirements and having solutions that play well with existing on-premise technologies are among the main roadblocks.

An interesting “side-effect” of increased cloud-based application development, the report suggests, is the growing interest in security automation. Almost all (92 percent) enterprises that are developing more than three-quarters of their software in the cloud said they are interested in solutions that are able to automate proactive security and compliance processes.

“Businesses migrating to the cloud is not a new phenomenon, but the frequency with which these migrations are occurring has skyrocketed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Rohit Sethi, CEO at Security Compass.

“Organizations are facing more pressure to effectively develop their software in the cloud in a way that allows them to keep pace with competitors.”