Director of Research at Security Compass, Altaz Valani, speaks to The Street about who bears the responsibility for security breaches

Employees Who Share Passwords Often Bear Responsibility for Hacks

The majority of cyber attacks begin with a phishing email because the hacker is targeting user passwords, and when they are reused by employees on several accounts, ‘it’s game over,’ said Jason Glassberg, co-founder of Casaba Security, a Redmond, Wash.-based white hat hacking firm.

Protecting access to passwords is often not prioritized at many companies, and the lackadaisical attitude by employees who use easily guessable passwords often makes it simple for hackers to gain access to a network.

Employees often breach their company’s policy, and 46% admit to using their own personal passwords for company data, according to a survey conducted by Dashlane, a New York-based enterprise password solution company, who queried 500 information technology administrators and enterprise employees. These personal passwords often turn out to be weak ones and only meet the bare minimum password requirements. Whenever employees opt to reuse their own passwords, the odds of compromising several personal and work accounts during a data breach are enormous.

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