Research Director for Security Compass, Altaz Valani speaks with Security Boulevard about Bridging The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Seven Steps Toward Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Building an effective cybersecurity team is no mean feat. Hiring managers struggle to find experienced talent today and according to the most recent figures from ISACA, one in three organizations say it takes six months or longer to fill any given security position.

At the same time, though, there’s a lot of hand-waving and lipservice in the industry when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. Many organizations use the constraint in security skills resources as an excuse to never truly ramp up a well-organized cybersecurity human resources program. And that’s unfortunate, because even though it is difficult, it’s not an impossible task to build out a quality security team. Plenty of organizations do it and they do it well. We recently asked some industry insiders for tips on how to get the job done. Here’s what they said.

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