Security Compass Research Director, Altaz Valani quoted in The Enterprisers Project ‘DevSecOps: 7 habits of strong security organizations’

DevSecOps: 7 habits of strong security organizations

What behaviors do today’s strongest security organizations share – and what can you learn from them? For starters, treat security as much more than a step

A burglar sizes up two houses. The first has a security system and a vicious guard dog; the second is unlocked and no one’s around.

Guess which house the burglar is going to try first? He’ll take down the easier mark.

There’s corollary in IT: Some companies are simply less secure than others. While there’s no such thing as “100% secure” – everyone is susceptible to a breach – that doesn’t mean you need to invite potential threats in through an unlocked back door. These days, it’s probably not just a back door, either, but a whole host of entry points, physical and virtual.

So we asked a group of IT leaders and security experts: What characteristics do strong security organizations have in common? What do they do that the rest of us can learn from to improve our own security posture?

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