Security Compass to Host Second Annual Equilibrium Conference Focused on Secure Software Development

The virtual event will bring together security and DevSecOps communities to explore the best methods for fast and secure threat threat modeling and secure coding 

TORONTO – March 7, 2022 – Security Compass, a leading cybersecurity solution provider, today announced the details of Equilibrium Conference 2022, a virtual event for security, risk and technology executives, and software developers. Taking place on Thursday, April 21, 2022, the one-day, fully virtual event focused on product security is free and open to the DevSecOps community. To register, click here

The Equilibrium Conference will feature keynote speaker Brad Arkin, SVP, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco. Presentations, training sessions, and networking opportunities are designed for attendees in all industries, including financial services, insurance, technology, manufacturing and government. Security Compass experts have been specifically chosen to engage and inspire fellow DevSecOps leaders and practitioners on topics such as: DevSecOps,  threat modeling, security  automation, product security, PCI SSF and more.

During the main event on April 21, attendees will connect with like-minded individuals and uncover what it takes to build a strong product security fabric that enables trustable and secure products for today and tomorrow. Takeaways of the event will include:

  • Discover breakthrough approaches to product security. Learn how to achieve true DevSecOps integration by empowering hardware, development and operations teams to drive security.
  • Gain practical insights to build and strengthen your security posture. Learn to tie key security functions like risk management, compliance and data privacy into the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases of the Secure Product Life Cycle.
  • Learn, share and connect with the DevSecOps community. Meet with peers, industry leaders and the wider DevSecOps community. Chat directly with attendees, join panel discussions or “meet” for a 1-1 coffee. 

"We are thrilled to host the second annual Equilibrium conference, as the need for secure software development has only accelerated since we came together during our inaugural event in 2021," said Rohit Sethi, CEO of Security Compass. "We are determined to provide opportunities for the product security community to come together to explore what’s next in information security, ranging from product development to risk management. I look forward to the sharing of ideas and collaboration that can help us address software security challenges that organizations are presented with every day." 

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