Security Consultant Kevin Delaney comments on how to protect your privacy online

Social media users should never assume ‘private means private,’ experts warn

Facebook’s premise is ‘almost the antithesis of privacy,’ says SocialFlow CEO

As Facebook’s shares and brand take a hit in the fallout from its data scandal, BNN speaks with SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson about what the social-network giant has to do to repair its image and to contend with the privacy issues surrounding its platform.

Cybersecurity experts are warning social media users to be more vigilant with the personal information they share online as tech giant Facebook faces growing backlash this week on news that a third-party company accessed its users’ data without their consent.

Jim Anderson, chief executive of social marketing firm SocialFlow told BNN in an interview Tuesday that people should keep their “eyes wide open” on the extent to which they choose to participate on Facebook or any other online platform.

“You provide them with your personal information to the degree they understand who your friends are and who you like; what musical acts, movies, and television shows you like,” he said.

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