What is RegOps (Regulation Ops)?

In a world where moving at the pace of relevance can be the difference between success and bankruptcy, removing any and all bottlenecks from your software lifecycle is essential. Just like organizations cannot afford a cybersecurity breach, they also cannot fail their compliance audits. That can lead to significant fines and reputational damage. Manual compliance such as Authority to Operate documentation in the U.S government are proved to be stuck in time and obsolete by the time you’re done typing them. With the entire software and security fields shifting left, shouldn’t compliance shift too? Why yes indeed! Here comes RegOps: Regulation Operations!

So how do we solve this compliance problem? The answer is obvious and as always, ruthless automation. Of course, not all applications and systems are created equal. Based on your organization you may have several various compliance regulations and profiles to follow and various level of risk acceptance. So how do you get started? How do your shift your compliance left?

Let’s find out!