How to Release Secure Software Faster: A Pragmatic, Real-world Example

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Manual software threat modeling, secure development, and compliance processes are historically slow and don’t scale. This delays software time to market, negatively impacts organizational competitiveness, and forces most organizations to limit threat modeling and secure development practices to a small number of important applications.

However, a new approach to releasing secure software faster – a developer-centric approach – can help both software development teams, as well as application security teams, accelerate software time to market while managing risk.

In this webinar, see a real-world example of how development and application security teams at one company use a developer-centric approach to scalably model software threats and deliver secure, compliant code quickly.

During this live event:
• Discover how a developer-centric approach to security removes security roadblocks and accelerates software releases
• Learn how developer-centric threat modeling diagrams can be used automate and improve software threat modeling processes
• See how using trusted reusable components increases software developer productivity
• View examples of reports that can be used to provide visibility into the state of security and compliance across your application portfolio