How to Release Secure Software Faster: A Pragmatic, Real-world Example

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Risk and technology leaders need to provide value to business stakeholders. To achieve this, they must work together to create value streams that provide the right business capabilities while managing risk. Starting from the current state, risk and technology leaders can start to craft an integrated security fabric that supports the DevOps continuum. Part of building these value streams is collecting the right information that provides assurance and relevance for business stakeholders to make informed decisions.

In this webinar, we will examine both risk and technology value streams at the strategic level. We will then consider what capabilities are needed to build out value streams that cut across both teams. In the end, we will describe how to design relevant metrics focused on business outcomes.

Expected Learning:
• Constructing a capability map that enables security.
• How to create a shared security roadmap across risk and technology units.
• Determining the right security metrics based on business context.

Kevin Delaney – Director, Solutions Engineering @ Security Compass
Drew Koelemay – Director, Product Management @ Security Compass