Building a Bridge to Security Island

The news cycle for cyber security breaches seems to be on a continuous loop as bad actors get more and more creative in exploiting vulnerabilities in applications, platforms, and infrastructure.

For many mid-sized companies, growth depends on safeguarding applications, and responding to customer security demands and compliance requirements. But, the increasing volume of projects and business demand for faster releases often hinder the ability of development teams to deliver secure software due to a lack of security resources. The result? There is a tendency to handle security reactively rather than proactively, creating a “security island” that seems disconnected (or worse, oblivious) to the challenges development teams face to innovate and develop products faster.

How do resource-constrained security professionals build a metaphoric bridge to security island where security is addressed earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) without facing the ire of development teams? In this whitepaper, we’ll offer some practical steps growing companies can take to mature their security program in a scalable and sustainable way, as they convert developers into security champions.

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