Security Compass is Proud to be a Certified Great Place to Work

Our team at Security Compass is excited to announce that we have just been certified as a Great Place to Work®. Our certification this year is a result of positive feedback that our own employees provided during the Great Place to Work Institute’s surveys. The institute conducts a thorough and independent analysis of each applicant organization, offering employees the opportunity to anonymously complete a number of survey questions about their workplace experience. The survey contains over 50 questions related to the quality of the employee’s experience working at the company.

As a certified Great Place to Work company, we’re automatically eligible for all Best Workplaces™ lists for 12 months as well as the annual Best Workplaces in Canada list, an item that was drafted in partnership with the Globe and Mail.

We’ve come along way, since our start as a security consultancy in 2004, to now, a company with over 150 employees. Security Compass offers a number of perks, including flexible hours and an Open Paid Time Off policy. All employees have a flexible schedule with unlimited personal days and the option to work from home. Managers here want their team members to have a healthy work-life balance and offer employees the utmost autonomy in creating a work schedule that works for them. Monthly one-on-one meetings are arranged between employees and their direct managers, to ensure personal and professional alignment, and each employee is set up with a ‘buddy’ from another department, whom they meet with on a monthly basis to discuss workplace challenges.

Security Compass welcomes diversity, encouraging members of any race, gender identity, or sexual orientation to be a part of the company culture. We host regular lunches and events to celebrate our diverse employees, offering Ladies Lunches and LGBTQ2+ events. We strive for a workplace democracy, welcoming regular feedback from all employees and seating everyone in an open-concept office so that anyone can be reasonably approached. As one of our newer employees, Jelisa in Customer Marketing states, “Security Compass offers an inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment, where employees’ needs are truly listened to…I feel so overwhelmingly positive about the leadership team having my back regardless of what life may throw my way.”

To learn more about our team and company culture, check out the following link: