Security Compass Releases Research Report: 2021 Year in Review

Security Compass Releases Research Report: 2021 Year in Review

Security Compass is pleased to share our latest research report, 2021 Year in Review. The report compiles the results of four primary research studies, commissioned by Security Compass, and conducted independently by Golfdale Consulting, Inc. Each study focused on medium to large-sized enterprises that build software applications. Critical cybersecurity topics such as DevSecOps, cloud adoption, and threat modeling are covered in the report, which also addresses the needs and priorities of U.S. federal government agencies.

The studies revealed that threat modeling remains the greatest area for education and advancement, with less than half the responding enterprises undertaking the practice. It is also clear that teams face numerous internal challenges as they attempt to develop more proactive cybersecurity and compliance processes.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Time to market remains a great concern among senior technology executives and practitioners — 75% of those surveyed believe manual processes cause significant delays for new product releases.
  • The cloud trend has grown more roots with 83% responding that cloud adoption is now a top priority.
  • With proactive security and compliance gaining traction in policies and processes, studies found risk assessments to be leading this charge.
  • Threat modeling continues to be a challenge for most, with 75% of respondents indicating that threat modeling in software builds typically occurs in the development stage or later in the software development life cycle.
  • While threats to government continue to increase, budget constraints are the biggest impediment to the implementation of proactive security.

“[The year] 2021 was a year of enormous challenges in cybersecurity,” said Rohit Sethi, CEO, Security Compass. “While the onslaught of threats is likely to continue unabated into 2022, what will mark the year ahead as different and better will be proactive, automated solutions that scale to meet these challenges.”

Visit our Resources page for more information, and to view the full 2021 Year in Review: An Interactive Report of Annual Research Findings.