Security Compass is proud to be named a 2019 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

Security Compass is proud to announce its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual, a three-volume publication that provides high-quality analysis of the top enterprise security controls and cyber luminaries. Volume two of the report features an informative interview with our CEO, Nish Bhalla

We have become a member of a group of world-leading cybersecurity companies, selected by industry veteran by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. Our company helps Fortune 1,000 organizations proactively manage cybersecurity risk, without slowing down the software development process or delivery of business-critical software.

“Dr. Amoroso and his TAG Cyber team have done wonderfully at offering the highest quality cybersecurity analysis at little cost,” said Nish Bhalla, CEO of Security Compass. “Because of this, we are proud to become distinguished sponsors of the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual.”

Now in its third year, the 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual provides direct advisory guidance — at no cost — to the enterprise cybersecurity professional. The report was created to help cyber defenders more effectively deal with the technical challenges of the IT security industry. These include integrating cyber analytics across the kill chain, introducing automation to streamline security workflow, and adopting cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications and systems.

“In today’s environment, we have to work towards building a world where people can trust technology,” said Amoroso. “As a trusted information security partner, Security Compass ensures organizations are able to align application security with their business goals to build better, more secure software.”

About TAG Cyber

TAG Cyber is an advisory services firm based on a commitment to democratize expert cyber security analysis. Through a steady stream of original content, centered on its flagship TAG Cyber Security Annual, TAG Cyber delivers the type of high-quality, military-grade analysis that larger firms pay millions for — and does it for free. The firm offers a daily variety of cybersecurity content through its website, social media, and related distribution channels. Original content is complemented by customized training courses, expert cybersecurity consulting, eBook publications, and related services such as professional CISO coaching. To learn more visit


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