Security Compass wins CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for Policy Management Solution of the Year!

We’re thrilled to announce that our company, Security Compass, won the CyberSecurity Breakthrough ‘Overall Policy Management Solution of the Year’ award.

CyberSecurity Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global information security market. Their mission is to honor excellence and to recognize the innovation, hard work, and success in a range of information security categories. These include Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, Email Security, and more.

This year’s program attracted more than 3000 nominations from more than 14 countries around the world. As James Johnson, the Managing Director at CyberSecurity Breakthrough said, “the spirit of the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award program is in the information security innovations, and Security Compass excels in this area with their concept of a policy-to-execution platform.” He went on to say that our platform, SD Elements, “equips developers with the tools to bake security and compliance into DevOps environments in a way that won’t disrupt development or delivery processes.” Finally, he claimed, “we are excited to recognize Security Compass for their breakthrough innovations in the area of compliance and policy management, and we congratulate them on their 2018 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award.”

The Policy Management Solution: SD Elements

As organizations transition to a DevOps work environment, application development teams are moving faster than ever to build applications according to agile methodologies. This means that important security and compliance measures are often left to the last minute– or skipped entirely. Our award-winning policy-to-execution platform, SD Elements, is the only solution on the market that can translate complex security and compliance requirements into feedback that engineers and developers can directly understand and use. Essentially, SD Elements is a platform that helps organizations transition from policy to execution in a highly automated fashion.

How SD Elements Works

After a member of your team fills out a 15-minute questionnaire, about the language, platform, features, compliance, and tools connected to your software, SD Elements determines relevant threats and countermeasures. This is process significantly reduces the potential for vulnerabilities, and it saves developers from having to figure out which security measures apply to their software.

Security controls are automatically selected from the expert database in SD Elements, and since the platform is integrated with users’ native toolsets and ALMs, there’s little disruption to the workflow. SD Elements synchronizes with most ALMs on the market, including Jira. Finally, SD Elements will push the security requirement directly to your developers in the form of a ticket. Once your developers have completed their work, reports are generated, delivering the risk profile, task progress, and compliance of your applications. This saves a great amount of time during regulatory audits and improves the overall accountability in your organization.

The Expert Knowledge-base of SD Elements

The SD Elements content library is extensive, covering Security, Compliance (GDPR compliant), Privacy, Languages/Frameworks/Protocols, and Deployment (now supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Apache HTTP, TomCat Servers). It also comes with multiple integration capabilities, synchronizing with most ALMs, SAST/DAST tools, and CI/CD tools.

Just-in-Time Training for Your Developers

Our Just-in-Time Training integrates with your organization’s ALM through SD Elements, and it provides on-demand, task-relevant security guidance for developers. This training comes in the form of short, easily-consumable modules with actual code samples that the developers can use in their work tasks.

We’re proud to receive the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for our flagship platform, and we’re excited to see SD Elements used to improve security processes across organizations. To learn more about SD Elements, get a free demo here.

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